When you become a parent, keeping your kiddos safe becomes the most important task. Especially since becoming a parent also makes you an ultimate Uber Driver. At least that’s what my kids call me.

Britax has been a popular household name for over twelve years in my home. Just as soon as I became a mother. I’ll tell you this though… my how times have changed. The One4Life all-in-one car seat is the only car seat you need. It works from 5-120 lbs, so your first-ride home from the hospital until booster mode. Can you even imagine? Back in the day we had the infant car seat, the car seat that would go into toddler mode, boosters, etc… etc… etc. I am not lying when I tell you our house was always filled with car seats for all stages of our kiddos life. So when Britax reached out to tell me about their new incredible invention I was all ears and all in!

The ClickTight installation system makes installing the car seat easy. Even I can do it. I’ve always taken my car seats to the police station to get installed. With Britax One4Life all-in-one you simply open the ClickTight door, thread the seat belt through the colored pathways, buckle the seat belt, and click it shut. 

The SafeWash fabric is machine-washable and the cupholders are removable and dishwasher-friendly, making it super easy to clean up after little ones. 

The One4Life all-in-one car seat is built Britax safe. It has key features to keep little ones safe in the event of a crash: the high-strength steel frame reinforces the seat’s structure, SafeCell technology crumples to absorb crash energy, two layers of side-impact protection surround the child’s head, neck and torso, and the V-Shaped tether reduces movement. If that’s not amazing I don’t know what is!

If you’re a parent or a parent to be, the Britax One4Life all-in-one technology is absolutely revolutionary! My girls and I loved meeting the team and learning all about the safety and technology of this incredible new car seat!