It’s been about a month since my kiddos went back to school and I have to tell you.. it really took that long for all of us to get into the swing of things. Being a mama of three, I often feel torn into three  different directions. Especially when it comes to homework and reading time. Because, my kids want individual attention, and sometimes I simply can’t run between three bedrooms to give it to them. Also keep in mind, they’re each four years apart and different genders. So when Kalista wants me to read her princess books, Natan wants to read to me his comic books, and Thalia goes to bed two hours before the older kids and wants me to read her baby books… you get the idea!

So! I worked with The RoomPlace to finally furnish and create that special “Reading/Homework Nook” for all my kiddos, that I’ve been dreaming of.


We moved into this house a year ago and the loft portion of the house definitely felt unfinished, and empty. I couldn’t decide what I wanted up there. Once school started we officially bid adieu to summer and it was time to get back into the school mindset. I was ecstatic when The RoomPlace reached out to collaborate for a Back to School initiative, it couldn’t have come at a better timing!

It was incredible to work with The RoomPlace! Between the selection of their beautiful furniture, to the prices, to the extremely fast delivery. It really was a seamless experience.

I selected these Grey Roxbury Chairs, which are the perfect neutral color, and I love the substantial size. I also added the Alana Poufs on each side, so the kids can kick up their feet, or stack books on them. I love a darling pouf, and these are the perfect cream with super cool pleated details! I also selected the Westvale Grey Magazine Rack using it to organize current books kids are reading.


Now thanks to The RoomPlace this space feels complete and super functional… not to mention affordable!!! I love a good price on quality pieces and The RoomPlace has so many incredible options. Wait till you see what we did with our bedroom for our “Adult Escape”!

Stay tuned for the next reveal!

*Video  editing by Madeline Doherty