Raise your hand if you’ve dreamt of being a mermaid!!! Well… me too! I was so excited when Chicago, Aqua Mermaid reached out and asked me to  try out the newest and hottest aquafitness classes!  I’ve always felt I was part mermaid – so when the word ‘MERMAID’ was mentioned I was sold immediately! Initially the class was supposed to be for me only, but I had get my bestie Baby K involved and asked if it was possible to bring kiddos as well.


 I also got to thinking and mermaids always swim in packs! So I asked my friend Johanna and her daughter to join in on the fun, we needed to get our mermaid tribe together!!!


We got these gorgeous mermaid costumes for the girls by Applejack Apparel, which just looked awesome with our tails by AquaMermaid.


AquaMermaid is Chicago’s FIRST Mermaid School! The school was founded in Montreal and has since expanded to Chicago by Nora Kaitis. The school offers mermaid classes, parties, events and tails for sale!



I love working out, it’s one of my releases and I was actually a swimmer in High-School . Mermaid Swimming is a mix of classic swimming techniques mixed with gorgeous synchronized swimming moves. It’s a great core workout. I found it super fun and was sore for days to come!



I highly recommend this activity for a fun girls night out, kids birthday party, or simply a killer work out on your own!

Check out this fun video and make sure you click through this adorable gallery for more fun pix of our day!

Info on booking with AquaMermaid Chicago:

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The Mermaid Membership is an advanced program for serious mermaids. $75/month gets you unlimited classes, tail rental and free swim at AquaMermaid Chicago:
Purchase your own mermaid tail HERE