Every year I do my annual GIRLY STAYCATION. I’ve been doing these for almost ten years. Last year I also hosted my BUBBLY BRUNCH! Something that started out as a tiny seven girl group, has grown into a big 25+ group of type A personality, powerful felines! I love celebrating my friendships, I really do cherish them strongly and deeply.

Majority of my friends as you can see on my social posts are girls I’ve known for decades. Some became my first friends in America when I was 8 years old, others trickled in to my life during High School, College and a few are newer babes that I adore.

We typically do a staycation with a spa, but being my true Gemini nature I get sick of things quite fast and easy. I didn’t want to do the redundant spa day and after shooting The Gwen bridal campaign a few months ago and checking out their insane property, I knew I had to throw the party here.

My girls are a GLAM SQUAD! So I knew I needed to do something fun and fabulous… my theme?! ASPEN CHIC! The Gwen’s rooftop was the perfect backdrop for this soirée. The cabin is beyond adorable and I made sure to fill it up with Hot Toddies and Mulled Wine. We also had a few appetizers and played a few games of Curling. Which by the way is really hard and a great work out.

It turned out to be the perfect day, with a gorgeous snow fall. Made for brilliant photo ops! I couldn’t have asked for more. If you’re interested in a fun winter activity, I highly recommend you check out The Gwen Curling Roof Top. It’s so different, loads of fun and really cozy and chic. Where else can you get an Aprês Ski feel in the middle of downtown Chicago?

Our night festivities took us to dinner at Barrio, which is so delicious! Dancing at Bodega and more mom juice and laughs in my gorgeous suite at The Gwen!

Hope you guys are having a beautiful start to 2019!