Let’s face it. I’m constantly sent skincare lines to try and sure I love a lot of them. It’s hard to say which line is better then the other, although I certainly have my favorites. One thing’s for sure, there aren’t many all natural skincare lines that I love. Not sure what it is. Sometimes it’s the scent that really throws me off, sometimes it’s the way it applies under my make-up and simply doesn’t mesh well with my other products. I feel like natural lines are hard to come by… until I discovered VITABLOOM. VITABLOOM is an all natural skincare line created by a preggo mama! Let’s get one thing clear, I am NOT preggo, however I do like to re-set my skin at least a few times a year and use only all natural products.

I can’t explain it, it’s like a diet for my skin. I’ve used VITABLOOMfor a month now and I love it. I’m not big on the super earthy scents so the fact that VITABLOOM face wash smells fruity, fresh and airy, really made me fall in love. The rest of the products the serum and the moisturizer have no scents, in case you’re not into any scent at all.

I also love all the ingredients in the line. Natural, wholistic skincare that works! I’m all about it. Another factor was the the line worked very well with my make-up. Many times natural moisturizers mixed with foundation get a bit flaky and sometimes even roll off. This moisturizer and serum combo actually helped my make-up glide on smooth and stay on all day. The moisturizer is super light and airy and doesn’t feel like a thick cream on the face.

Preggo babes, natural babes, or babes that are just trying to do the re-set… you will LOVE these products. I would also recommend the cleanser and moisturizer for teens!