And just like that… here we are. It’s almost 2019 and to be honest I can’t wait for this year to be over. As always, struggling to think of what to write. It’s been another tough one here.

If you’ve followed me for a long time, you know the health journey is real over here. Take a look back at 2017. However, if you’re new, welcome and thanks for following.

My life seems so pretty and insta-perfect on social, I know that. I curate it that way. That’s the thing about social, it’s a curated feed of things we want to show. I’m not trying to be fake or unauthentic… I simply chose to focus on all the beautiful things around me, regardless of whether or not things may be falling apart. Cooking, photography and fashion have always been my very own personal escapes.

2018 started just as rough for our family as my cousin, (hate that term as we grew up together since we were born) my ‘sister’, was diagnosed with Triple Negative Breast Cancer at the beginning of February 2018. Here we were again fighting this insane, scary and somewhat familiar battle.  Once agin, won’t bore you with the details of all the surgeries, chemo, and mental drainage. I will say this, that Yana is the strongest human I’ve ever met and that we as a family are the strongest unit together!

This year more than ever I personally saw that the mind is a powerful computer that one can re-program to create strength and courage to keep going. Yana, you showed me that.

As aways when there are struggles you learn a whole lot about friendships. Those who didn’t seem so close, somehow stepped up and became the closest. Some you thought were the closest, simply disappeared. The thing about cancer is it scares people. Not always do they know what to say, ask or how to approach this topic.

My career… knock on wood, really took off and all my fears of leaving my safety, my agency in 2017 were definitely deminished. I’m so damn “BLESSED”, yes I said it! So basic of me. I’m BLESSED to live my dream, to have a career that I absolutely love and to work with some of the biggest brands in the country. This, just like health I will never take for granted. I also won’t say I’m lucky, cause believe you me none of this was luck. All of it was and is a ton of hard work, sleepless nights and endless knocks on doors.

Again, so grateful for this man by my side. Who has sorta warmed up to social media, at least a little. Who I get to do life with! Sometimes we are  Bonnie and Clyde and sometimes The Brady Bunch, either way we do it together.

Grateful for my wild, crazy kids. Who aren’t perfect, but today are healthy!

Happy 2019 to all of you! Thank you for following my journey and supporting what I do. Without you, I really wouldn’t have this job, this outlet and the ability to share with you my life. I wish you health, peace and love…