As summer is quickly coming to an end I’ve been thinking of ways I can host that are a bit out of the box. Let’s face it… none of us are traveling and I don’t know about you but I’m yearning to hop on a plane and head out to a different destination. I miss travel so much!

Since I love to host, and I hate when things get stale. I came up with a very last minute, easy, yet fun idea to do a Greek night. Table-escaping can literally transform you and your guests into a different location. After all… being a good host is just as much about the ambiance and the vibe as it is about catering to your guests!

My girlfriends and I have had what I like to call our weekly dinner club. Where we switch off hosting dinners at each others houses. It’s been so lovely, safe and a way for us to see each other, be together and break up our weeks during this crazy COVID time!

Last night was my turn to host and I’ll be honest. I’m really over the regular BBQ, and so sick of my own menu. I needed to escape. If you remember I hosted a lemony Capri night at the beginning of summer. So it was time to head over to Greece!

I picked up majority of my decor from Amazon, Target and West Elm. A lot of it I also already had around the house. I entrusted my girlfriend Eleni with the music. Music is so important to set the proper VIBE! So she put together this incredible GREEK playlist with the hottest Greek tunes from Mykonos to Santorini. Let me tell you, the girls and I were dancing and screaming OPA at 1:30am! It was perfection and exactly what we all needed before the e-learning crazy really begins!

I hope you are all enjoying your summer, or what’s left of it. Below I put together a little shopping guide of all the pieces I got for this party. Next up… MOROCCO! Stay healthy and safe fam!