If you follow me on social media you know that  yesterday was not a very average night for me. Actually it was more like a ‘pinch me moment fairytale’ where I literally was a princess!

Let’s get real…it’s not every day that I’m chauffeured around in a brand new 2018 Rolls Royce Ghost. Holy wow is this car a magical masterpiece. The bespoke collection of these beauties has a fabulous feature where you can have stars above your head. Yes the galaxies open up and you are driven around under the magical starry sky. The sky can be any mapping you want. The day your baby was born, date of your anniversary, perhaps the day you were born, or any other star pattern you fancy. Want the car to have interior of a tree from your back yard?! No worries, Rolls Royce can make this happen.

Want another fun fact?! This is the exact car they use in the filming of  Empire, so of course I naturally channeled Cookie!

After the car picked my gorgeous date, my mama, and I from my house, we headed over to Neiman Marcus Northbrook to do what else?! Have a party and shop in their private Precious Jewels Salon! Thank you to Dena Kemp herself,  for adorning me in over $600K worth of diamonds…. insert Pretty Woman moment here.

We ate, we drank, we shopped, we took too many photos and boomerangs and we had the most fabulous time! Thank you to Steve Foley Rolls-Royce and Neiman Marcus Northbrook.

Now for the real question… why the heck was I doing all of these fabulous things? Well, thanks to Neiman Marcus Northbrook and the unveiling of their 2017 Fantasy Gifts… this my friends is one of them. Check out the other incredible Fantasy Gifts right HERE! Thank you to Neiman Marcus Northbrook and Steve Foley Rolls-Royce for allowing me to experience and live out this fantasy! What a night…





Dream big my friends and check out all the other fabulous gifts from Neiman Marcus!