Mamas day is only 48 hours away and really I just want to record this moment with my girls in these gorgeous Lola & The Boys Bali Leaf dresses. By the way, I didn’t wan’t to leave T out so I made her a little crop-top out of the scarf portion of my dress which I typically wear as a belt!

I actually wasn’t even going to do a post, this literally was a last minute shoot with my friend Hallie Duesenberg who was over today to shoot the kids and I for a little campaign we are doing with Nurture Life.

But K had her Bali Dress out so I threw mine on and these goodies came out! Thank you Hallie!!!

But I digress… this post is all about the mamas! Chin-chin to all of you selfless, gorgeous felines out there. To being  doctors, drivers, chefs, cheerleaders, math tutors, and all in all incredible humans! It’s all about you this weekend…

To all the mamas, grand-mamas, great grand-mamas. single mamas, step-mamas, foster-mamas and all around super heroes.